Strength for the Climb

My blog is a personal journey of the blessings I have been entrusted with and the strength I have been given to make the climb. I invite you to follow along as I write about faith, family, and Down syndrome.

Boston Baby

So besides anticipating this spring for obvious reasons like sunshine, green grass, running without layers, lemonade, etc...I was anxious to see how I felt with having 9 months of shots of pollen injected into my arm to help with my allergies! Well lets just say that unfortunately Minnesota has had the worst pollen count ever...and I feel as bad as I did last year. Sneezing, itchy eyes, and sleepless nights are all too familiar when April rolls around. All I need now is for a student in the hallways to say, "What's wrong with your face?" Gotta love the honesty.

This weekend will be a year from when we were in Boston. It still leaves a not so good feeling in my stomach for a few reasons. One, I will never eat Trader Joe's rice again because I can still taste it coming up numerous times, and let's just say I never want to see a pink pepto bottle again. That being said, I did not enjoy the Boston Marathon because at mile 12 I realized I was struggling to get one foot in front of the other. I told myself to take in the experience and just bask in the most popular marathon in the world, and one that many have set life goals to be a part of. Because of my sour feelings towards the run, I feel like I have to add Boston Marathon AGAIN to my life long goals so I can really feel what this race is all about.

Katie and I worked our butts off to get to that race and I feel like I stole the joy out of it, by not having a great race. I realize in the past 8 I have done, that not EVERY run is going to be a good one, but I just wish that one would have been great. So maybe, I will see myself toeing the line in Hopkinton again.