Request A Basket

How to request a Jack's basket.  Instructions for how to have a basket sent to a hospital or family residence.

Request A Basket



Each basket includes the following items:



When a baby with Down syndrome is born, the hospital staff notifies the parents that a Jack’s Basket is available to them and if the family is interested in accepting the gift basket then the hospital calls our organization on behalf of the family.  No patient information is exchanged unless the family volunteers their information and the HIPAA laws of privacy are respected.  

Family members and friends may also call on behalf of the parents to request a basket be delivered to the hospital or address given. 

Each representative delivering the basket is trained with the Jack's Basket guidelines for delivering a basket and is willing to connect with the family in whatever avenues of support the family needs, including visiting with them about being a parent of a child with Down syndrome.  This would be offered to the family and if accepted, the representative of our organization would be considered a guest of the patient. Many of our parent volunteers are bilingual and come from a variety of cultures.

Jack’s Basket is also delivering baskets via USPS within the United States.  Please comment in the additional information box below to request a basket to be mailed along with any necessary details. All information that we receive is handled with confidentiality and enables us to stay connected with families, offering continued support in the future if it is wanted. 

Request Form

Please fill out the following form to have the basket delivered:

Contact Name of the Hospital Staff person or Family/Friend Requesting a Basket *
Contact Name of the Hospital Staff person or Family/Friend Requesting a Basket
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Was the diagnosis received prenatally, or at birth?
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