Jack's Basket mission is to celebrate every child born with Down syndrome and congratulate their family with gifts, support, and resources.


Jack’s Basket is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to celebrate babies with Down syndrome.  We strive to ensure that every new and expectant parent is provided resources and avenues of support within the community.  We aim to educate medical providers on how to discuss the diagnosis in an unbiased way in hopes that having a baby with Down syndrome is celebrated like any other.

Since March 2014, Jack's Basket has celebrated over 1,750 babies in 48 states, and 11 countries. 

“When you find out your child has Down syndrome, you feel like you have been shipped to a deserted island. You feel like all your friends with typical children get to carry on while your world stops spinning on its axis. Then a box arrives at your door. While it is filled with beautiful things, more importantly, you realize you’re not alone. There is an entire organization standing behind you celebrating the birth of your perfect child. Jack's Basket brings more than gifts for your new baby. It brings love, understanding, and joy to a family embarking on a new journey.” - Lauren, Copelan’s Mom (South Carolina)

As Jack's 1st birthday was approaching, I wanted to bring something to the hospital to celebrate his life.  My thoughts were leaning towards giving flowers but the more I thought about the emotions and interactions we had during our stay, I was thinking something bigger and more meaningful.  What if we delivered a gift basket to a family like ours, a family that will receive news that their child has Down syndrome?  In any life experience, receiving unexpected news can be very difficult and hard to process.  To have another person come alongside and share in their experience often gives hope and healing, knowing that you are not alone.  To encourage a family like ours, to give them hope for the future, and share how much our sweet Jack has changed our lives for the better.  I found the best resource for us in our new journey was not reading the books on Down syndrome, it was hearing from actual families that are loving and living their lives raising their child with Down syndrome.  So I created a basket...Jack’s Basket.

What if a family would be congratulated and presented with a gift?  What if that set the tone, a chance to celebrate a beautiful baby?

I am hopeful this will be the first of many of the unexpected blessings that their child will bring them.   The baskets have grown since the first two baskets we created and I am excited to say they are available to celebrate all babies born with Down syndrome. 

Each basket includes the following items:

To request a basket visit the REQUEST A BASKET page. Thank you for letting us know of a new family ensuring they start their journey off with support!

Donations to Jack's baskets are welcomed and are tax-deductible because of our status as a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Find out more about the contents and what baby items are needed to help fill the baskets on our Donations page.   

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Are you a parent of a child with Down syndrome? Perhaps you are interested in learning more about being a Regional Lead or Basket Delivery parent volunteer.

Maybe not a parent, or one not ready for that role, we have lots of other ways you can be a part of our mission.

We can also use office and administrative support during the week here in Roseville.

If you have a passion to get involved, check out the VOLUNTEER page.

 What are families saying about raising a child with Down syndrome?

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